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Drive me tasting

Drive me Tasting delivers an exceptional experience, that of feeding both the eyes and the palate in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Kitchen on the lower floor is minimal yet modern, led by our chefs.

Combine elegance and high quality food, add the decade-long experience of Citysightseeing and you will have a once in a lifetime experience. The Drive me tasting is the first gourmet bus on the streets of Rome. It will bring you to live a unique, extraordinary food and wine tour which unites the eternal city’s charm to the excellence in gastronomic taste. All of the above, supported by an inimitable sightseeing journey and delicious gourmet plates

The Gourmet bus presents itself as a golden treasure chest, carrying elegance and style. The tables are set on the second floor and can host groups of 2 to 4 people. They all offer an amazing view of the city, and are equipped with built-in smartphone /tablet chargers. Thanks to the large glass windows, you will be able to gaze at Rome’s breathtaking landscapes, through a tour that will cover all of the city’s major historic and architectural points of interest.

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In order to ensure maximum comfort, Drive me tasting offers board buses for only 30 seats.



Drive me Tasting leaves from Piazza della Repubblica, one of Rome’s most renown and fascinating squares, situated a few hundred metres away from Termini train station, and in front of the Diocletian Baths. The Gourmet Bus will then continue its tour among the city’s most iconic cultural and architectural spots, combining Rome’s breath-taking beauty and the chef’s gourmet plates.


The first stop will be the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, of the four Papal Basilicas, located in the Rione Monti. The Basilica was commissioned by Pope Sisto III, and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. According to tradition, she appeared in Papa Liberio’s dreams, suggesting the location where the Basilica had to be built.


To follow, one of the most beautiful and fascinating stops, also known as the symbol of the Eternal City: the Coliseum. Originally known as the Amphitheatrum Flavium, it is the l world’s largest Amphitheatre, accommodating up to 75.000 spectators. In 2007 it became part of the “New seven wonders of the world”.


The third stop will be Circo Massimo. In ancient Rome, this site hosted horse racing competitions. Due to its large landscape and vicinity to the Tiber River where all commercial trades took place, it then became the epicentre of trading activities, markets and negotiations with other populations. It was therefore a central spot for social gatherings such as games and competitions.

Another central stop will be Piazza Venezia. Situated below the Capitol, this square will take your breath away as you will gaze at the majestic Altare della Patria. This square intersects with one of the five most important streets of the city: via dei Fori Imperiali, the via Battisti-via Nazionale axis, via del Corso, the via del Plebiscito-corso Vittorio axis and via del Teatro di Marcello.


The tour will continue, with the bus riding in front of Castel Sant’Angelo, another iconic Roman building, situated on the right side of the river. The Castle was refurbished more than once during the Medieval and Renaissance eras, and it is famous for its underground passage which directly connects it to the Vatican State. In 2014 it became part of the Polo Museale del Lazio.


The next stop is ust a few metres away: St’Peter’s. Symbol of the Vatican State, and surrounded by the majestic St.Peter’s square. It is often described as the largest church in the world and it is the epicentre of catholic religion. It is the largest amongst the Four Papal Basilicas. Every Sunday, the Pope recites the Angelus prayer from the nearby Palazzo Apostolico.


Another iconic square which is be part of the tour is Piazza Barberini. It was named after the Barberini Building which is home to the Ancient National Gallery and the National Institute of Numismatics. A At the centre of the square you will be able to gaze at Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s beautiful fountain, commissioned in 1634 by Pope Urban VIII.


The final stop will be Via Veneto. Initially, as all other streets in the ward, it was named after an italian region. After the First World War, the name was changed in memory of the Vittorio Veneto battle. On this road you will be able to see the US Embassy and two important ministries: Economic Development and Labour.


• Piazza della Repubblica
• Santa Maria Maggiore
• Colosseo
• Circo Massimo
• Piazza Venezia
• Castel Sant'Angelo
• Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano
• Piazza Barberini
• Via Vittorio Veneto


The Bus Gourmet Experience is a precious thread linking history and food culture in the most beautiful city in the world, through carefully selected raw materials and wines.

The perfect mix between quality food and the beauty of Rome’s sightseeing spots: this is Drive me Tasting. The Bus gourmet is a world of fabulous suggestions, a once in a lifetime five sense experience. Once on board, you will be captivated by the custom made, mini kitchen a precious jewel, handled by a Michelin star Chef. The menu is completely driven by his creativity.

Once on the second floor, you will experience a classy and elegant site, and you will be ready to start an unforgettable tour between taste and beauty.

Drive me tasting is the perfect mix between quality and elegance, with a meticulous attention to details: starting from the plate’s presentation, to the service, and the beauty by which you will be surrounded: it will be an opencast show that only Rome can secure.


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